If you want to attend a Sunday Divine Liturgy, please contact Ernest Skakun by email at [email protected] or by telephone at 780-434-0543 no later than THURSDAY prior to the Sunday that you want to attend. Due to Covid-19, Provincial restrictions limit us to a maximum of 32 people at  a worship service. 

Board of Management
November 15, 2020

Worship Services

St. Andrew's Church Exterior

At this time, only Sunday Divine Liturgy services are being held. For additional information, please see the following documents:
1.  Parish Reopening Plan (Updated February 15, 2021)
2.  UOCC Checklist
3.  Guidance for Places of Worship


Worshippers will be welcomed by greeters/ushers who greet them,  help with seating, and answer any questions worshippers may have.

For further information regarding services, you may contact:

Parish Office
[email protected]

Fr. Yuriy Suchevan, Parish Priest
(780) 440-4872
(780) 885-8143 mobile
[email protected]