Ukrainian Language Classes for Adults (ULCA)

Fall 2022/Winter 2023 Session

Registration deadline: August 31, 2022

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Ukrainian Language Classes for Adults (ULCA) have been offered at St. Andrew’s Ukrainian Cultural Centre since 1989. Anyone is welcome to attend classes, regardless of affiliation or background.

St. Andrew’s Ladies’ Auxiliary, a branch of the Ukrainian Women’s Association of Canada (UWAC), sponsors the classes. A committee organizes the classes and oversees operation of the language school. The school, its coordinator/principal and instructors are members of the International and Heritage Language Association (IHLA).

Why Learn Ukrainian?

  • to learn in a fun and supportive environment
  • to communicate with family and friends locally and in Ukraine
  • to enhance Ukrainian language skills
  • to appreciate the rich language and culture of the Ukrainian people
  • to appreciate Ukrainian cultural traditions
  • to appreciate a rich Ukrainian intellectual tradition
  • to understand and use some of the liturgical language used in Ukrainian churches
  • to learn the language of economic and cultural opportunities in Ukraine
  • to assist with travel in Slavic countries
  • to enjoy Ukrainian contemporary, avant-garde pop culture, fashion, music, etc.
  • to understand Ukrainian history and current political circumstances

Who can register?

Any older teen or adult who wishes to learn and/or improve their Ukrainian language.

Levels Offered

Language instruction is offered at several levels from beginner to advanced. A curriculum has been adapted from the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) which allows students to assess their level of language. Our classes are non-credited; no certification is provided.

Beginners learn the Ukrainian (Cyrillic) alphabet, basic oral expressions, practice with reading and written exercises. Emphasis is on proper pronunciation, comprehension and use of basic vocabulary. Subsequent levels provide for continued expansion of vocabulary and further development of listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills with reference to grammatical structure of the language.

Class Time

Mid-September to mid-March; Wednesday evenings, 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. with a two-week break for Christmas.

Class Location

St. Andrew’s Cultural Centre, 9831 – 75 Street, Edmonton, AB T6A 2Y8


Program Coordinator/Principal: 780-465-5440

St. Andrew’s Parish Office: 780-469-1463