Worship Schedule

Sunday of the Month Language Handout HomilyAnnouncements
FirstUkrainianUkr/EngUkrainianBoth Languages
SecondEng/Ukr Eng/Ukr Eng/Ukr Both Languages
ThirdUkr/Eng Ukr/Eng Ukr/Eng Both Languages
ForthEnglish Eng/Ukr EnglishBoth Languages


  1. As indicated on the chart, the first Sunday service would be conducted entirely in Ukrainian. On the second Sunday, the first half of the Liturgy would begin in English and conclude with an English homily. The second half of the service would be in Ukrainian, starting with the Ukrainian homily. The reverse would hold for the third Sunday and the fourth Sunday would be conducted entirely in English.
  2. The combined time required to present the two homilies during the second and third Sunday will be no more than 15 minutes, with approximately equal time for each language.
  3. When there are two Gospel and two Epistle readings, the language used will be as follows: first Sunday all readings in Ukrainian, second Sunday English then Ukrainian Gospels/Epistles, third Sunday Ukrainian then English Gospels/Epistles, and fourth Sunday all readings in English.
  4. At Easter and Christmas, the services will be bilingual. Where there is a fifth Sunday of the month, the services will alternate in the order of Ukrainian, bilingual and English. Announcements at the conclusion of the service will be made in both languages.