The most significant stated Objectives of the St. Andrew’s Men’s Club at the time of incorporation and continuing to the present are the following:

  • To promote Christian fellowship.
  • To provide its members with opportunities and facilities for the development of individual character through leadership training, worship, recreation and cultural enrichment.
  • To assist Orthodox Churches, related organizations and other groups in the promotion of the Orthodox Faith and their pertinent activities.
  • To assist in the maintenance and comfort of those who require special treatment, of the disabled, sick, aged and needy; and to preserve the welfare of the men, children, and others and their dependents.
  • To conduct fundraising and other projects for the purpose of assisting such charitable, religious, cultural, benevolent, recreational and other activities it deems.
  • To borrow and raise money by way of loan, mortgage, debentures or otherwise in such a manner as the society thinks fit and to sell, lease or otherwise disposte of any realty or assets belonging to the Society.
  • To conduct such benevolent, philanthropic, charitable, provident, scientific, artistic, literary, social, educational, agricultural, sporting or other useful activities as it deems appropriate, but not for the purpose of carrying on as a trade or business.

The operations of the St. Andrew’s Men’s Club are chiefly carried on in the City of Edmonton and elsewhere in the Province of Alberta.