Membership Activities and Support Programs

  1. Fund-Raising
    1. Bingo: St. Andrew’s Men’s Club belongs to the Parkway Bingo Association. Bingos are held as per pre-planned schedules and volunteers are required for each event. View dates on the events page.
    2. Casino: St. Andrew’s Men’s Club is eligible for a Casino once every two years. The last Casino was held in March of 2012. View dates on the events page.
    3. Nevada Tickets: St. Andrew’s Men’s Club sells Nevada tickets are various events held at the Cultural Center.
  2. Social Events
    During the course of the calendar year the following social events are sponsored by the St. Andrew’s Men’s Club. View dates on the events page.
    1. Malanka: This traditional celebration of the dawning of the New Year has been organized by the St. Andrew’s Men’s Club for more than 30 years. The event has been held at the St. Andrew’s Cultural Center for each of the past 12 years.
    2. Spring Bar-B-Q: This event is held in conjunction with the regular June meeting. It is an evening of fellowship that precedes the “summer break” from regular meetings. Members are encouraged to bring spouses and guests.
    3. Annual Golf Tournament: The golf tournament is usually held in August and the venue changes from year to year. This is a “fun” event where members are encouraged to invite spouses and guests.
    4. Annual “Salmon” Supper: This event has a “history” to it and it is typically held at the St. Andrew’s Cultural Center in conjunction with the September regular meeting. Members are encouraged to invite spouses and guests.
    5. “Puschenia”: This is a traditional “pre-lent” celebration that takes place late in November at the St. Andrew’s Cultural Center. All members of the Parish are invited and are encouraged to bring families and guests.
    6. Volunteer Appreciation Evening: This event is planned in cooperation with St. Andrew’s Parish and the Ladies Auxiliary for June 2, 2012 at the St. Andrew’s Cultural Center. Members who have volunteered during the year are encouraged to attend with their spouses.
  3. St. Andrew’s Parish Related Programs
    St. Andrew’s Men’s Club sponsors and/or administers the following programs within the St. Andrew’s Parish:
    1. Seniors Transportation: Cab fares are paid for Parish members who need assistance with travel to the Parish for worship, volunteer work, or social functions.
    2. Golden Age Club: Support is given to the “Golden Age Club” (the Seniors of St. Andrew’s Parish” to allow for regular recreational and cultural programs as well as some field trips.
    3. St. Andrew’s Cultural/Educational Program: Financial assistance is provided to encourage youth participation in Ukrainian cultural activities within the Parish or outside of the Parish.
    4. St. Andrew’s Parish Facility Enhancement: St. Andrew’s Men’s Club provides funds to the Parish and Cultural Center for facility enhancement and development.
    5. St. Andrew’s Ladies Auxiliary: The St. Andrew’s Men’s Club supports the Ladies Auxiliary in terms of helping to purchase equipment and to help with on-going programs.
  4. Youth Programs
    The St. Andrew’s Men’s Club supports various youth programs and activities that include at least the following:
    1. CYMK (Ukrainian Orthodox Youth).
    2. St. John’s Institute Osvita Program.
    3. Camp Bar-V-Nok Youth Camp.
    4. Kievs Ki Hi Youth Camp.
  5. Community Related Programs
    St. Andrew’s Men’s Club provides support to many activities and organizations outside of the St. Andrew’s Parish. Some of the programs that are supported include the following:
    1. Missionary Support: From time to time other Orthodox Parishes require assistance so when possible the St. Andrew’s Men’s Club provides funds to assist.
    2. Ukrainian Social Services: St. Andrew’s Men’s Club makes annual donations to the Ukrainian Social Services organization.
    3. Stars Air Ambulance: Annual donation is made to Stars Air Ambulance.
    4. St. Andrew’s Selo Tenants Association: An annual donation to St. Andrew’s Selo (Senior’s Lodge) is made to assist with programs for the tenants.
    5. Ukrainian Canadian Congress: An annual contribution is made to the Ukrainian Canadian Congress to assist with their programs.
    6. Alberta Ukrainian Self-Reliance League: St. Andrew’s Men’s Club members donate money and time to help with fund raising for the AUSRL.
    7. St. John’s Institute:St. Andrew’s Men’s Club donated funds to equip a SMART classroom at the Institute.
    8. Council of Ukrainian Orthodox Churches of Edmonton (CUOCE):St. Andrew’s Men’s Club has provided financial support to the CUOCE for the purposes of operating and developing St. Stephen’s Cemetery.
    9. Ukrainian Foundation for College Education (UFCE): St. Andrew’s Men’s Club makes an annual contribution to UFCE who in cooperation with the Ukrainian Resource and Development Centre at MacEwan University are committed to supporting educational programs between Canada and Ukraine.