St. Andrew’s Вірність (Veerneest) Ukrainian Dance Program

2021 Registration
Friday, September 10, 2021 between 7-8pm.
Instructors will be in attendance to answer questions and organize classes.

Registration and dance classes on Friday evenings centrally located at:
St. Andrew’s Ukrainian Orthodox Sobor Parish
9831- 75th Street NW Edmonton, Alberta

Director Contact: Steven Murrell
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 780-990-6722

September-May Dance Program Season

  • We welcome all children 3 years old and up
  • Children with or without prior Ukrainian dance training welcome
  • Truly attractive, inexpensive rates and family discounts
  • Top quality instruction
  • Family-oriented
  • Minor fundraising
  • Relaxed Atmosphere
  • We welcome parents’ enthusiasm and input
  • Wood flooring, full mirrors, ballet bars
  • Club-owned costuming developed (Volyn, Hutzul, theme dances)

St. Andrew’s Вірність (Veerneest) Ukrainian Dance Program operates under the umbrella of St.
Andrew’s Parish and is a family-focused recreational Ukrainian dance group. This dancing group is
organized by a volunteer Parent Support Committee and a Team of Dance Instructors led by Steven
Murrell, a former Dancer with the Volya Ukrainian Dance Ensemble. Steven Has 25+ years of Dancing
experience and 15+ years teaching experience at various Ukrainian dance schools in Alberta.

St. Andrew’s Ukrainian Dance Program provides Ukrainian Dance instruction in a community
environment and setting that facilitates lasting appreciation of Ukrainian dance, culture and friendships.
Families visiting enjoy their Friday evenings as much as our Dancers! Children do not require previous
experience and can start at any age. We are also non-denominational and open to anyone in the


The St. Andrew’s Dance Program has been operating since 1965, under such names as Zirka and now Veerneest. Regular classes are Friday nights from September to May. However, in addition to our regular dance classes on Fridays, we generally organize a few performances during the year. Our first performance of the year is usually at the St.Andrew’s Parish Malanka (Ukrainian New Year’s Eve). We organize a Year End Concert at the parish to share our cultural entertainment for our families and friends – the Concert is also open to the public! Other annual performance opportunities are discussed with families each year, and may include: Seniors’ or Auxiliary Hospitals, Fundraising Events or Community Cultural Shows, and possible Competitions. You can give us a call if you have a performance opportunity!

The Dance Program specializes in a positive dance environment for younger Dancers, offering a program with fun and technique development. We encourage and congratulate regular participation and the year’s accomplishments with a Reward Program. Fees are very reasonable and vary with the duration of the class. Fundraising Expectations are minimal.

Practice clothing should be comfortable, flexible and allow the Instructors to see the body for proper positioning. Dance slippers are required. Body suits, skirts and tights, t-shirts,, sweats or stretch dance pants are among the usual wear. We request that any long hair be put into pony tail or bun, and any jewelry(watches, rings, necklaces) be removed prior to dance to prevent loss and damage during class.

The Program supports the development of privately owned and program-owned costuming. We organize costume and embroidery classes. Theme dance props and regional costuming are developed for a richer repertoire and performance experience. We now have Volyn and Hutzul costumes as well as other theme pieces in our inventory. Our dance themes have included: Malanka skits, Fishing, The Turnip Story (traditional Ukrainian folktale), Teddy Bears, Sheep, Cooking Pyrohy and Gardening. Every year is exciting!

Many of our families get involved in various ways, with small and larger tasks to support the volunteer non-profit organization, such as: Communications, Fundraising, Costumes, Props, Photography, etc. We welcome anyone interested to continue, or join in, with volunteer support roles. Our program
preference is more people with lighter tasks, than fewer with too much.

Mailing and Dance Studio Address:

St. Andrew’s Ukrainian Orthodox Sobor Parish
9831- 75th Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta T6A 2Y8