March 2020 Outreach

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Слава Ісусу Христу! Слава Навіки! Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory be Forever!

Dear Parish Members and Friends of the Parish:
This report deals with several items from the Annual General Meeting held on Sunday, February 23 and several items dealing with communication.

From the Annual General Meeting
Initial Donation for Membership Privileges: The initial donation remains at $175.00 per person; the deadline for making that donation is May 31, 2020. Parishioners over 90 years of age and who have 10 years continuous membership prior to their 90th birthday will be “honorary members” exempt from a minimum donation. Parishioners who have their primary membership with another Ukrainian Orthodox Parish, may request to be an associate member of St. Andrew’s Parish. The initial donation is $60.00 per person. Honorary members are accorded the same membership privileges as regular members.
Finances: The Parish’s expenses for 2019 were about $7,500.00 less than revenues. Some of the excess is due to capital projects not being done in 2019. The repair of the front steps (about $9,000.00) and update to the security system (about $8,000.00), were not completed. Both will be done in 2020. If non-designated donations from the Ladies Auxiliary and the Men’s Club were reduced, the Parish, easily, would be in a deficit.
We are decreasing in number, leaving fewer and fewer of us to support the operations and maintenance of the Parish, financially. I know that many of us are on fixed incomes and that there are limits on disposable income. However, I plead with all members to, first, make every attempt to submit the initial donation for membership privileges of $175.00 per member by the deadline date of May 31, 2020. Second, I urge that all members make a sincere effort to increase their donations in 2020.
Parish Renewal: It is customary for persons, professions, organizations, Churches, and Parishes to engage in periodic and regular introspection – a look at how things are going. As a Parish, we are not exempt from such an exercise. What I am suggesting is that a series of informal coffee sessions be scheduled (varying days and times) for the purposes of starting discussions on whom we were, whom we are, and whom we can be. To provide a bit of structure to these discussions, I would suggest reading some of the information on the following websites from the Orthodox Church of America Western Pennsylvania Archdiocese:;; and
I would also suggest that we read the findings in the Ratsoy and Nichiporik Report Time for Change and review which recommendations/suggestions have been acted on, which are easily implemented but have not been acted on, and which although necessary and relevant have not been implemented.

Parish Board of Management:

At the AGM, the following slate of Officers were elected:
President – Ernest Skakun
Vice-President – Michael Zukiwsky
Secretary – Kathy Buchanan
Treasurer – Eugene Luchka
Assistant Treasurer – Marshall Boratynec
Membership – Michael Gilyshyn

The Board also includes Presidents or designates of the Ladies Auxiliary and Men’s Club who are elected or designated by the respective organizations and serve as voting members. The Parish Priest serves in an ex officio capacity. The past president of the Parish and an Archives representative (still to be appointed) are also Board members.

Emails: On March 3, we will be switching to a new set of emails. Emails sent to the old Telus addresses will be automatically redirected to the new accounts, so emails sent to the old system will not be lost. However, after March 3, please use the emails listed below.
General Office Email – [email protected]
Treasurer Email – [email protected]
President Email – [email protected]
Ladies Auxiliary Email – [email protected]
Men’s Club Email – [email protected]
Golden Age Club Email – [email protected]
Fr. Yuriy Email – [email protected]

Parish Website: Our Parish Website has been restored after being out of commission for two months or so. Updates to the contents of the website will be on-going. I ask that you access the website and if you have sug-gestions for improving any aspect, please forward the suggestions to me.
Other Avenues of Communication: We will continue with monthly issues of the OUTREACH Newsletter and the practice of holding monthly Board of Management Meetings and several Special General Meetings. Mem-bers are welcomed to attend Board Meetings and to provide agenda items for Special General Meetings. Last-ly, copies of agendas and minutes of Board, Special General and Annual General Meetings are available in the Parish Office, for reading and reviewing. The Board welcomes your ideas and suggestions regarding the management of the Parish. The Board is responsible to the members.

In closing and on behalf of the Board of Management, I extend a thank you to all of you and prayers for your well being and health.

On a personal note and given that the Great Lent is upon us; that Sunday, March 1 is The Sunday of For-giveness, I ask for your forgiveness – “Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Forgive me”.

In Christ,
Ernest Skakun, President