December 2019/January 2020 Outreach

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Слава Ісусу Христу! Слава На Віки! Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory be Forever!

Dear Parish Members and Friends of the Parish:

This message deals with the 60th Anniversary of the Parish, Requests/Reminders,
Pictorial Directory, and Patron Saint Day.

60th Anniversary of the Parish: As written in the November issue of the OUTREACH
Newsletter, there remain several outstanding items related to the Anniversary. The
first is the publication of the 60th Anniversary Book. Editor George Tkachyk has been meeting
regularly with the publisher and it appears that the Book will be available for distribution
December 8 at the time of our Parish’s Celebration of our Patron Saint, Saint Andrew. The
Book is available to those who attended the Celebration on November 3 and to members of our
Parish (one Book per family). Additional Books may be purchased at a cost of $10.00 per book.
The second deals with the contents of the time capsule. The 60th Anniversary Committee has
decided that a copy of the contents will be made and placed on display in the Parish Complex.
The original contents, along with other items yet to be determined, will be returned to the
capsule. Placing the time capsule and resealing the plaque will occur in spring. The third item is
how the Celebration on November 3 is recorded and shared with the members. Since a number
of us have taken photos and recordings of the Celebration, the 60th Anniversary Committee
is prepared, for starters, to put together a collection of photos and have them displayed electronically
during Fellowship Sunday and other festive occasions. If you have photos that you are willing
to share and have them displayed, please forward the photos, preferably electronically / digitally
to me. As well, indicate whether you would like to have each of your photos acknowledged (e.g.,
photo courtesy of … ) or whether a general acknowledgement would suffice (e.g., photos provided
by … ).

Requests/ Reminders: The Parish is still accepting donations toward the 60th Anniversary
of the Parish. If you are making such a donation, please indicate that it is for the Anniversary.
The donation is tax receiptable. A reminder to members who have not paid their membership
dues for 2019, do so prior to December 21. By doing so, will enable the Treasurer and
Assistant Treasurer to complete the financial statements for 2019 in a timely manner. If you are
e to pay your membership dues, please contact Michael Gilyshyn, Chair of Membership .

Pictorial Directory: The Directory should be available in the next 7-8 weeks. A big thank
you is extended to Gordon Haug, Chair of the Pictorial Directory Committee, and
to the Committee Members, Harry and Marie Karasiuk, Liz Haug, Gordon Ostapchuk,
Robert Shewchuk, Phyllis Skaken, Lessia Slipchuk, Betty Wolanski, Margaret
Wozimirsky, June Gushaty, Olga Pedwerbeski, Gloria Pundick, Mary Boratynec,
Mary Dymianiw, Michael Alexandruk, Joan Fedorow, and Eugene Luchka.

Patron Saint Day: Celebration of our Patron Saint, Saint Andrew, the First-Called
Apostle will be held on Sunday, December 8, beginning at 9:30AM with an Hierarchical
Divine Liturgy followed by Dinner and Program. Members of the Order of St. Andrew,
Edmonton Chapter will join us in the Celebration. Just a brief biography of Saint Andrew.
Very Reverend Dr. Ivan Stus writes, “Apostle Andrew was a disciple of St. John the
Baptist (the Forerunner) and it was from him that Andrew learned that Jesus Christ was
the Messiah or Savior of the world. When he saw Christ, Andrew followed Him. When
the Son of God saw Andrew, He asked him to become His first disciple, and that is why
Andrew is known as the First-Called Apostle.” (Stus, Very Reverend Dr, (1983), FEAST
DAYS of the Orthodox Church, (p. 97), Edmonton, Alberta: Ukrainian Women’s Association
of Canada, Natalia Kobrynska Foundation). Saint Andrew was a True steward
and servant, and missionary. Blessed with genuine humility, humbleness, sound
common sense, insight, and dedication, Apostle Andrew preached the Gospel in
different places in the world including what is now Ukraine and that is why he is known
as the founder of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and why we are an Apostolic
Church. Please join us in the Celebration of our Patron Saint on December 8.

This issue of the Outreach Newsletter is a combined issue for the months of
December and January. During these two months, there are a number of important
and significant celebratory events beginning with Patron Saint Day Celebration
on December 8; “English Christmas and New Years” on December 25 and
January 1, respectively; the festive season of the Nativity of Jesus Christ beginning
on January 6 and continuing onto January 7; New Year’s Eve on January 13,
New Years on January 14; 2020; Eve of Theophany on January 18, and the
Holy Theophany of Jesus Christ on January 19. Regardless of which you celebrate,
the Board of Management wishes you a Very Merry Christmas, a prosperous New
Year, and in our tradition, Христос Народився ! Славімо Його! Christ is Born!
Let us Glorify Him!
In Christ,
Ernest N. Skakun – President