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Prada (Prada) 2013 new bag chose to play the classic card, the replacement killers own home several popular artistes color, change some of the details, even if the introduction of new a. Since the "Mission Impossible 4" released since, Prada killer package has been red to now, this year also brought a new, Prada (Prada) is really stealing money master.

This year, Prada (Prada) killer wrapped in retained on the basis of classical style, adding a lot of beautiful colors, mixed colors added element; together with a series of "alternative models", giving you more choices. How much cover yourself is to take no new designs embarrassment.

Although the design is not new, but the work still did not have to say. Baoshen PPrada (Prada) Italian top quality special leather production, lined use special lining, soft, large capacity, comfortable thick strap design is timeless handbag, wild style and practicality deep by fashionable women of all ages.

Despite the small size of this year's popular mini package, or could not try to use a transparent bag, but the bag is still the most important function of practicality. Killer package side snap closure, two zipper pull retractable outer bag, two internal pockets, one of which is the zipper retractable, which is an important feature of the killer package.

Meanwhile, Prada (Prada) 2013 early autumn new Twin Pocket is full of suction eye, simple and practical style is now undoubtedly a popular section of the package. In Prada 2013 autumn and winter show floor launched large semicircular Bowling bag style, is your best travel companion; same series semicircular large handbag is it all themselves.

Women are often the first pieces of luxury bags, bags visible in the degree of importance among luxury. All brands have launched in the autumn own unique design, Prada (Prada) are still in their classic drained repeatedly, I do not know too confident of their own, or Tai Xiaoqiao other brands.